The History of Shay Feathers

In 1996 when I was 16 my mom took me to a Rainbow Gathering in The Ochoco Mountains in OR, my home state.
That experience changed me for the better, it molded me into my silly hippy, crafty, silly self.
From then on mom and I started making patch hats and hemp jewelry.
We started traveling the NW states doing events.
Ive worked for myself ever since...
Back in 2010 I was a single stay home mom with two littles.
Just trying to find anything that would pay the bills and allow me to be home with my babies.
Remember the feather extension fad that lasted about 9 months that year?
Well thats how I got started.
I put so many feathers in hair that year.
I did all the local events in Bend, OR.
I had lines blocking pathways streaming from my booth.
I even had to hire help!
It was pretty amazing and then it died off.
Well dang, now what do I do with all these feathers?
So I started making feather earrings.
At first I sold them again at all the events.
Then it was events, etsy and Facebook.
Here are some of the first I made...
2017 I met the love of my life.
We quickly bought land, got married
and started building our tiny house kingdom we call Fate Created Love Camp.
Once we got settled in with our new lives in 2018,
I went to only online sales thanks to my Shay Feathers Group on Facebook.
Now, I only sell here off this website.
My guy and I we are a pretty dope team.
Two creative minds collaborated symbiotically and began unfolding our deepest imaginations.
Moving from earrings, we have explored a plethora of different odds and ends.
We are constantly evolving and experimenting with our art form.
We are extremely blessed to watch and help my daughter find her craft, shes just like her momma.
The future holds endless options and opportunities.
We have definitely decided to take it to the next level with our NEW apparel line. COMING SOON...