Shay Feathers Hair Extension Clip 13" long

Shay Feathers Hair Extension Clip 13" long

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Made with salon quality silicone lined extention clips. Made to not catch in your hair. Easy clip in and out. 

I personally hand dye all my feathers. I meticulously pick out each feather to perfectly match on both sides. Every feather is inspected for flaws and then flat ironed. 

I have been making feather earrings and crafts for almost 12 years now full time. I consider myself to be one of the best. I am OCD when it comes to matching the lengths of every feather, the layering and the wrapping at the top. 

You can wash my feathers. Use a mild soap or just water, lightly rinse in a downward direction. After wards YOU MUST blow dry also in a downward angle. I would avoid the short top feathers. I cant promise they can handle a wash. 

You can flat iron or lightly curl your long feathers. Do not hold heat on them for any period of time. Just a super quick go over will do the trick.

Do not put heat on short feathers, tinsel, peacock feathers...

Keep away from pets. 

Store hanging.

I am not responsible for any damage.