Pay Feathers Forward Program

Pay Feathers Forward Program

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Pay Feathers Forward Program

Donate minimum of $5 towards someone who loves Shay Feathers but can't afford them! Everybody deserves a chance to be feathered and feel how good it feels to wear a pair of Shay Feathers earrings.

Each pair is infused with the purest intentions of self love and confidence, woman power, strength and beauty. You wear these and people will notice you, you get compliments, you get all the looks. Highlight your beautiful face with your favorite colors and feel sexy! 

When you pay forward each $5 donation, you reserve the right to nominate a friend. Message me on FB messenger, on the website through chat, or add it in the comments when you place your order. You don't have to nominate someone, you can just donate towards the gift if you want. 

I require a full name and phone number or email address of your nominee. 

I will not be publicly posting the winners because I'm not trying to brag and also not putting anybody on the spot. If the friend you personally nominated wins, I will contact you to let you know. 

I use an app called Spin The Wheel for all drawings. I enter the names and push the spin button. It's totally random who wins. 

Once we've raised $50 I will spin the wheel for a name. The winner will be contacted and awarded a $50 gift certificate for my website. I will explain the program to them and reveal the name of who nominated them. 

I've done this program in the past very successfully and it feels sooooooo good! I hope you enjoy the opportunity to gift the love of Shay Feathers, made easy on my website!

Thank you. I heart your heart. -Shay